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Sweet flavored Cereal Breakfast is still a bad option for kids
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You find chocolates and cocoas bad for your kids due to lots of sugar content, and at the same time you give a treat of sweet sugary Cereal Breakfast to make their day. You see your child is not as healthy as other children and wonder where you have went wrong. Well, the problem is not in your child, but in the breakfast that you are giving them every day. Kids require a lot more energy than an adult and this is why you have to give them exceptionally nutritious and healthy breakfast.

Most parents fail to check ingredients of the packed cereals and this is where they need to work on. Several surveys and studies have reported findings into the nutritional content of  products, focusing on the high amount of sugar content in the ingredient list.

What makes sugar based cereals in the news?

The hype created by breakfast cereals is due to the interesting taste and flavored loops. These cereals help in generating interest for breakfast among children who once were not taking healthy meal before going to school. But today, they eat these cereals with milk and sometimes along honey. These are instant health foods that can be just combined with milk or can be crushed with smoothies.

If these cereals are really healthy, then why parents are still complaining?

They are not checking what their child is eating and in how much quantity. Though sugar coated cereals dont harm childs health if you limit the serving. But this can be dangerous and make you child obese if you dont keep on checking the serving bowl quantity.

You can pick sugar free or less sugar based cereals and pour some milk and honey in a bowl and voila- healthy breakfast is ready to eat. High fat content cereals should be ignored if you really wish for your child to have a healthy lifestyle.

Wholegrain breakfast can be the best deal for you. Make sure you source these products from reputed breakfast cereal supplier . Check for sugar content and buy the least sugar based cereals for your kids. These tips will help your child to grow in healthier way. Sugar coated cereals are temporary as you can never take them as your childs perfect meal partner.

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